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external fixation products

gauze bandage type 3
product performance and adapt to the range
this bandage is made of 100% cotton. it is also named cutting gauze bandage with 17threads
or 20threads, which is highly absorbent. it is individual package with medical paper.
size                                                       package                                   
5cm x 5m /5.4m                              12rolls/bx  100bxs/ctn
7.5cm x 5m /5.4m                             12rolls/bx  100bxs/ctn
10cm x 5m /5.4m                              12rolls/bx  100bxs/ctn
15cm x 5m /5.4m                              12rolls/bx  50bxs/ctn
7.5cm x 5m/9m                                12rolls/bx  50bxs/ctn
10cm x 5m /9m                                12rolls/bx  50bxs/ctn