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new products

antithrombotic stockings
product performance and adapt to the range

antithrombotic stockings  pressure: 15-18mm hg white

thigh length,  short,regular,long                                               

size: s,m,l,x-l,xx-l

for vascular thrombosis prevention and treatment of mild varicose veins to prevent leg edema, reduce travel fatigue

use crowds

1) surgical patients

2) people who should stand for a long time, such as teachers, traffic policemen, doctors, nurse, hairdressers, ect.

3) people who should sit for a long time, such as whitecollar, civil servants, etc.

4) geriatric and bedfast patients

5) pregnancy 

6) chronic venous insufficiency 

7) varicose veins

8) obese people

9) people who always in an airplan or in a couch, such as stewardess, trainmen, etc.