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wound care products

gauze swabs
product performance and adapt to the range
gauze swabs, 100% pure cotton, are ideal for wound dressing, wound packing and wound care. folded edges and unfolded edges are available, also available in multiple sizes and plies. the strictly manufacturing process control for bleaching, drying, cutting, folding and packing assures clean, low lint, fluffy and highly absorbent.
confirmable, latex- free, with or without x-ray   
non sterile, gauze swabs (bulk) 
size                       package                   
5x5cm- 8/12/16ply          100pcs/paper bag, 50bags/ctn
7.5x7.5cm-8/12/16ply       100pcs/paper bag, 50bags/ctn
10x10cm-8/12/16ply        100pcs/paper bag, 50bags/ctn
10x20cm-8/12/16ply        100pcs/paper bag, 20bags/ctn
10x8cm-8ply               100pcs/paper bag, 50bags/ctn
6x7.5cm-8ply              100pcs/paper bag, 50bags/ctn
7x9cm-8ply               100pcs/paper bag, 50bags/ctn