zhende medical group -凯发k8娱乐平台

enterprise culture

enterprise vision
become the wound dressing market leader.
enterprise mission
create value    share the success
the spirit of enterprise
responsibility, study, work, integrity
enterprise management idea
brand, innovation, professional, efficient, and effective
enterprise employees ability code of conduct
customer-focused: customer orientation, the service consciousness
the courage to bear: assume responsibility, challenge the pressure
effective communication: empathy, respect each other
excellent executive: initiative, the pursuit of the effect
innovative thinking: the power of positive thinking, keep is a wonder
the enterprise internal level position
group company: capital and industry management, centralized youdao, control a chapter, the maximization of enterprise value
various subsidiaries: brand and product management, yongquan regularly, to stand, to set up the fine product competitiveness
enterprise management principle
article 17 zhengde management principle
enterprise of talent
with the development of the enterprise to attract people
on the common cause to rally people
in the practice of jobs to culture people
to promote the performance with outstanding achievement